Tera’s Castle

Following a series of enigmatic happenings, hot Pixen ends up in some odd castle. She discovers that Tera is the true owner of the castle, and she also has a perosn. If you're in doubt as to why Tera is bringing Pixen to this place, then this question will be revealed soon enough as she was looking for a companion to have a sexual experience! These are only a few of the strange things we've prepared to delight you. Tera also has a small sceret that grows whenever it is needed. Tera is a futanri, and she'll put this large and heavy cock to the test tonight! What other surprises might be in store? Are you sure Pixen be capable of handling the situation? To answer this question, you'll need to work through this story yourself! Play now »

Demonica – v2

An additional minigame extracted from the thicker project"The legend of Lust" this time actually will reveal to you one of it's chief heroines named Demonica. The matter is Demonica is actually apperaring in 2 forms - the naive blonde chick in the very start and also comepletely horny demon whore after spending a certain amount of time on this 2nd ring of Hell. Which one of this model you may enjoy virtually having hump with is up to you but if you'll like what you will see and if you may wish to know more about Demonica's character and the way her story was developing the you just have to play"The legend of Lust" - combination of escapade and rpg, quest as well as trun-based conflicts with a big inclusion of kinky hentai topics ofcourse! Play now »

Prima Ballerina

In the modern game from fairly well-liked virtual sensual series"Lesson of passion" you will follow the story of two close girlfriends - Gina and Crissy. Even though these damsels seems to be fully different there is one fire they both share and that is ballet. But a syou probably know ballet is also very competitive environment so our femmes are undoubtedly going to have their prima dancers. But what exactly these ups and downs will be you can decide yourself by making decions when needed and through them to form the story of Crissy and Gina . Game has several endings an dlots of hookup so it is quite possible that you will want to replay the game until you will see them all! Play now »