Zoe and Vince

Zoe and Vince are all set to acquire fresh lession of passion... don't you head to join them? But if the couple is in relationships for a while there might be a problem on fire inbetween them beginning to disappear. To fix it they decide to use one old and recognized way of fixing it - to go on a road journey together! And looks like today is the day. Play thru this part of the game and let our heroes to finish all the prparations - discuss the plans on a excursion, find all the things they may need or simply love the view of Zoe ambling around the building iwearing only her underwear. Once you are ready our paramours will begin their jorney to fire and on their way they will need to take fairly a few decisions and get into a lot of sexy and sticky situations ofcourse! Game has several endings that all will depend on your choices all along the way. Play now »

Prima Ballerina

In the modern game from fairly well-liked virtual sensual series"Lesson of passion" you will follow the story of two close girlfriends - Gina and Crissy. Even though these damsels seems to be fully different there is one fire they both share and that is ballet. But a syou probably know ballet is also very competitive environment so our femmes are undoubtedly going to have their prima dancers. But what exactly these ups and downs will be you can decide yourself by making decions when needed and through them to form the story of Crissy and Gina . Game has several endings an dlots of hookup so it is quite possible that you will want to replay the game until you will see them all! Play now »