This match is an adult farm simulator game. You act as a beginner breeder whose parents have recently died leaving him this monster farm. In the farm you're greeted with the enchanting beauty called Margo - that she will present you to the length of the scenario, tell you how everything is organized, and tell you the fundamentals of breeding. Dealing with monsters isn't an easy task, but our hero has seriously determined to learn this thing, and therefore don't be frightened of difficulties! To make a living, you want to grow, breed and sell creatures. Each monster has its own unique characteristics, such as strength, dexterity, fertility and so on. The better the characteristics of a creature, the more costly and precious it is. It's possible to change and enhance the features of your own monsters, pairing them together with every other. You are able to make money in many ways - you can sell creatures, or market goods obtained by them. Also, you can feed them, take a harvest from them or release them. All actions are offeredon the menu at the peak of the display. You will need to find out a lot and be the very best breeder of all!
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